50 forest innovations to accelerate the “green recovery”

Submitted by Sandra Sundbäck on 07 September 2020

Many things were put on hold when the corona pandemic struck the world, but not inventiveness. This became clear in the global innovation competition “What wood you do?”, where a jury has now selected six finalists that will compete for €25,000 to realize their idea about how to use the forest in the green recovery. Be sure to join the final live and online on 24 September.

Forests play a vital role in combatting climate change. They bind carbon dioxide as they grow and can be used for renewable materials for houses, packaging, clothing, and other climate-smart products. While politicians are debating the need for a green recovery, Paper Province, a Swedish business cluster within the forest bio-economy, is running a global innovation competition to find the next big ideas to accelerate the shift toward a fossil-free society. Six finalists from 50 submissions spread across 10 countries have just been selected and will pitch their ideas for a jury of experts on 24 September.

“When the world stopped, the positive effects on the environment were an eye-opener. People have had time to reflect on what type of world they want to live in after the pandemic. We hope that this competition will bring new ideas for future sustainable solutions, where Sweden’s biggest resource, forests, can take a central role,” says Maria Hollander, CEO at Paper Province.

Wide range

The competition “What wood you do” kicked off in March, with idea submissions from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Canada, UK, Italy, Spain, France, and Germany. Innovation ideas came from researchers and entrepreneurs and ranged from fake snow and cat litter to drone technologies and fiber-based clothing. A Jury composed of industry leaders, and researchers within forest bioeconomy, selected the finalists, analysing the sustainable impact, scalability, and business potential of each entry.

At the final in Karlstad, Sweden, they will be competing head to head for a chance to win €25,000 and business support from the incubator Sting Bioeconomy during one year. All runners-up will receive €2,500. Watch the final online with us, send in your questions and vote! Sing up and watch here: https://whatwoodyoudo.eu/thefinal/

About the finalists

Here are the six finalists at the heart of this new green industrial revolution:

  • Arboair - a forest scanning technology to detect infected or stressed tree with 4K cameras and color shift analysis
  • Nordluft - A drone-based spreading system for forestry and agriculture, combining high capacity drones, a base system truck and AI-powered controls system
  • SilviBio - novel biobased seed coating, which provides a source of moisture and sustained nutrition to improve germination in dry conditions
  • FineCell - technology to produce nanocellulose in the form of a dry powder - easier to integrate and use in packaging and other industries
  • Wood tube – patented paper studs that replace steel when constructing interior walls – saves money, decreases greenhouse gas emissions, and improves the working conditions for carpenters
  • Biosorbe - cellulose-based technology for water and air filters that removes fats, bacteria, and oils

Read more about the finalists and the competition at https://whatwoodyoudo.eu/

More information

Paper Province is a business cluster and global hot spot for innovation within the forest sector and together with our partners we offer a wide range of innovation support services to those who want to develop their ideas. The “What wood you do?” competition is sponsored by Sveaskog, Gunnar Sunblad’s research fund and Stora Enso.

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