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"Breaking  Barriers" is a webinar dedicated to empowering SMEs, startups, and women  to overcome obstacles and reach new heights in their professional journeys through EPICENTRE project 

Are you an entrepreneur who is facing roadblocks on the way to success? Or a woman who wants to shatter the glass ceiling in your industry? Maybe you're just starting your business and need guidance on how to navigate the challenges ahead. Whatever your situation, "Breaking Barriers" is the perfect event for you.

Our expert speakers will share their insights and experiences on how to break through obstacles and achieve your goals. You will learn about:

  • Ways to break through the barriers women often face in male-dominated industries.
  • How EPICENTRE project can help you as a SME / startup overcoming common challenges
  • Tips on how to leverage your strengths and turn weaknesses into opportunities.

Don't let barriers hold you back from achieving your dreams. Join us for "Breaking Barriers" and discover how to overcome obstacles and reach your full potential.


9:30 – 9:45 |  Presentation of EPICENTRE project:  Supporting SMEs to apply.

Speaker: Núria Serra, Project Manager of EPICENTRE project at Clúster Digital de Catalunya

9:45- 11:15 |  Woman entrepreneurship and leadership:  Leaders are Made, Not Born. A true-life experience. 

Speaker: Iolanda Marchueta, Senior Advisor & Professor

11:15 – 11:45  | Business model: Why Startups Fail?  Introduction to Lean Startup and Lean Experiment Map.

Speaker: Albert Rivero, Expert in business development and strategic planning.

11:45 – 12:15  |  Legal  & IP: Fundamentals of corporate-SME collaboration strategy. 

Speaker: Marc Milian. Expert in corporate Venturing and entrepreneurship

12:15 – 12:30  | Q&A

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