Climate change will in future lead to an increase in extreme weather phenomena including, for example, all the effects of heat, storms and hurricanes as well as flooding caused by heavy or continuous rain. This will potentially have both direct and indirect health implications. The resulting direct health effects need not only be physical, such as infection, injury or, in extreme cases, death. Psychological stress, anxiety and depression can also result.

Indirect health effects and risks arise from adversely altered environmental conditions as a result of climate change. These include the impairment of the quality and quantity of drinking water and food, the altered or prolonged occurrence of biological allergens as well as animal disease vectors, such as ticks or mosquitoes.

DESIRE - The new Eurocluster „Health“
Get to know the new EU project under Styrian leadership and gain insights into the Finnish market for Digital Health & Healthcare.
The Finnish Digital Health & Healthcare Market, Tarja Enala, Senior Advisor, Health and Wellbeing, Invest in Finland:
- Brief introduction of Business Finland and governmental stakeholders
- Unique aspects of the Finnish health ecosystem
- Finland as top health R&D location
- Digital health ecosystem highlights
- Business Finland/Invest in Finland services eg. funding instruments

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