Reuniting stakeholders from the field of #biotechnology and #health, the webinar entitled “Israeli Innovation Ecosystem - Biotech and E-health” is scheduled for February 23rd, hosted by Israel Innovation Authority.

Under the umbrella of the event, project #NE4HEALTH will be promoted, with the purpose of raising #awareness over the project interventions, while fostering the process of international alliances building. Facilitating by the consortium partner Interizon Foundation, the event will contribute to the project implementation phases, in terms of the cluster and SMEs collaboration, #internationalisation strategy, and value chain approach. Concomitantly, this international adhesion intervention is expected to contribute in terms of #knowledge acquisition, especially related to tackling key #technology challenges. At the same time, the attendance will also provide the project partnership with insight in terms of Extra-EU #market expansion, with the long-term objective of positioning the SMEs into trans-European consortiums to compete and assume a leading position globally in the #electronics for #health sector. In this respect, the event will bolster the image capital of the project, acting as a catalyst for stakeholder engagement, while bringing to the forefront the concept of European Strategic Cluster Partnership – Going International.