The Leviatad project has the intention to lead SMEs to naval defense collaborations.  This will be done by setting up an accelerator and funding program, to be run over the next years.  

The first activity of this project is to study on the the European Franco-Belgian-Italian-Croatian defence ecosystem.

On the 14th February 2023, our consortium will organize an online session to present the ecosystem from a global perspective.  

During this online session we will go deeper into various challenges defined by national naval defense programmes and we will try to find out what the SME’s desired developments are, in order to be able to develop solutions for these challenges

The maritime context is changing. The needs of the navies are subsequently changing as well, , with specifics missions for each of the four countries of the LEVIATAD project being formulated.

  • The Leviatad consortium will present the Naval Defense value chain, and the skills and challenges linked to each. New challenges are directly related to specificities of each navy. Operating in a highly competitive context results in a continuous need for innovation, both in terms of production methods and products.
  • This is the reason why Leviatad will first need to define stakeholder priorities on the innovation axes that we have identified.

After the presentation, we would like to get an insight in your innovation priorities answering to the online web inquiry that will allow the LEVIATAD consortium to better understand how our Eurocluster could help you and set up the right accelerator programme. 
At a later stage we will be able to guide you towards a funding scheme for concrete pilots and developments.    

14th February 2023 at 9AM

Location and date

Virtual Event

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