Cluj IT Cluster organizes, from October 17th to 27th, the tenth edition of the Cluj Innovation Days conference, an anniversary moment for the entire ecosystem of the association. The event will take place over ten eventful days, during which the organizers aim to highlight the growth and challenges of the IT industry in the ten years since the establishment of Cluj IT Cluster, while laying the foundations for the next ten years of sustainable development. This year's motto is The Power of 1 | 0, highlighting the importance of digital technologies as the foundation of all great innovations that move the world forward.

The anniversary edition of Cluj Innovation Days will be joined on the agenda by renowned guests and experts from home and abroad who have contributed over the last 10 years to supporting innovation and are among those setting the tone for the changes to come. Among those who have confirmed their attendance so far are Sebastian Burduja - Minister of Research, Innovation and Digitisation, Sabin Sărmaș - Chairman of the IT Committee of the Chamber of Deputies in the Romanian Government, Daniela Rus - Director of the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Ariana Năstăseanu - Project Adviser at the European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA), Vlad Bina - Hollywood Art Director, Florin Păun - Chief Science & Partnership Officer Rafaut Group, Justina Bieliauskaite - Project Director at the European Digital SME Alliance (Brussels), Grace Labong Achire - Vice President, Alliance for Trade in Information Technology Services (Uganda), Prof. Dr. Daniel David - Rector of Babes-Bolyai University, Members of the European Innovation Council Jury: Mihaela Nazare, Cristian Dascălu and Mihai Sfințescu; Stelian Brad - President of Cluj IT Cluster, Andrei Kelemen - CEO, Cluj IT Cluster and business delegates. These and many others will discuss the topics proposed in the event agenda and answer questions from participants about the options they have as organisations or individuals.

They will bring to the audience, in panel discussions, practical issues on topics such as sustainable digital transformation, discussions on innovation in smart cities and communities, on the process of transforming the European economy by engaging SMEs, on supporting women in business, innovation and investment, on the role of universities in the Romanian innovation system or on how an idea becomes a marketable product or service.
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