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ANETEL was founded in 2003 by the local government to promote the cooperation for the creation of self-sustaining, diversified, and vibrant rural areas attractive for work, habitation, and visit. For doing that ANETEL is a Local Action Group (LAG) under the Measure 19 – Leader of the Rural Development Programme of Cyprus 2014-2020 with a total public budget of €3.227.102 where the 53% comes from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the 47% from the national contribution. The activities of Local Strategy for the rural areas involves measures for strengthening the capacity of local rural areas and support and encouragement of local synergies, measures for developing a diversified local economy, for strengthening local employment and social cohesion, for the protection of environment as well as preservation, promotion and enhancement of cultural assets and the unique local identity and for the improvement of the residents' quality of life. Such measures already implemented are education and training of rural SMEs for improving their skills and their knowledge, funding schemes to rural SMEs to diversify their production (such as agrotourism, handicrafts, small shops, promotion of culture), funding schemes for local communities to be more attractive for work and habitation (such as improving the villages infrastructure, access to internet, etc) and projects for the creation of synergies between rural SMEs in the field of circular economy, marketing and promotion of rural products.  ANETEL is very active in this field and is by the side of the rural areas to supporting them with different services, from their management and budget to assisting them to promote the rural areas.

ANETEL has established since 2012 the Environmental Information Center of Larnaka Mountainous Area. The main aim of the Centre is to promote sustainability in the area as well educating and raising awareness towards the protections and preservation of the environment as well as the cultural heritage of the area.  The Centre has its own building that consists of two conference rooms (one big and one small), an exhibition area and a library.

ANETEL is very active in European projects. It makes use of European resources and participate in European programs to implement the goals and visions of its stakeholders, that is the local communities and municipalities of the area of Larnaka and Famagusta. It has an institutional and operational role with a great experience in EU project. In the reporting period 2007-2013 it has implemented more than 35 EU projects that had a great impact on the territory. In the current reporting period 2014-2020 it has implemented so far 11 EU projects as a partner and a Lead partner. Also, ANETEL has collaboration and synergies with other organizations such as SME, public administration, universities, NGO and it can support the transfer of knowledge and best practices, it can affect the operational programmes and at the same time is responsible for the drafting and implementation of the regional strategy for the rural and fisheries areas of the Districts of Larnaka and Famagusta. ANETEL gives great emphasis on sustainability and the adaptation to climate changes. A strategy for the mitigation to climate for the public authorities has been drafted and also a strategy for circular economy for the area is being now in the process.

Also, ANETEL is working for many years using the Living Lab approach and the bottom-up approach to engage and mobilise stakeholders and policy makers and the national and local level focusing on workshops, seminars, debates in order to identify new solutions and strategies towards sustainability and circular economy. In the field of education and training ANETEL is responsible for organizing educational programmes in the filed of rural/ agrotourism tourism, climate changes, management and business plans of SMEs in the rural and fisheries area and in general trainings for SMEs for improving their skills.

ANETEL with the rural areas of Larnaka Mountainous Area have worked together and establish the area (Orini Larnakas) as a European Destinations of Excellence – EDEN VIII for 2018. Since then, ANETEL is promoting and supporting the local communities of the area.

Finally, ANETEL is also a Fisheries Local Action Group under Priority 4 of the Operational Programme Sea 2014-2020 and is implementing the Local Fisheries Strategy with a total public budget of €2.362.200

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