“The seminars presented at the European Innovation Week explored a wide range of very interesting topics, focusing and capturing at any time the attention of the audience. The material provided during the event was useful to better follow the topics, as well as a starting point to be able to individually develop certain opportunities. On top of all, this event has been a great opportunity to meet clusters and business persons and local companies. The event gave to all of us, I believe, a quite deep insight in the local economy, paving the way for future developments and contacts.

The company visits were absolutely of interest and for sure gave us the flavour of the development spirit and the possibility to have direct contacts with high level management bodies, setting a first link which may open interesting perspectives for the future. Last but not least, The European Innovation Week was very well organized in terms of contents, choice of hosting structures, as well as from the logistical standpoint. Outstanding support by the staff of TAITRA, ITRI, ECCT, BOFT and SPI (among others) has been of great help both in the pre-mission preparation phase (registration, profiling, meetings management planning) as well as during the whole week. Travel management has been of great help in optimizing the use of the time, always too short during these events.

All my appreciation and thanks to all the persons who have been involved in this heavy organization work!”

Paolo Piccinelli, Cluster Network Development Manager of Fondazione Distretto Green & High Tech Monza Biranza
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