« The European mission was a very fruitful event for us. From one part, the program explorating the US East Coast provided us a good picture of the innovation and economical practices, which is very different compared to the well-known Silicon Valley. We met very open-mindset counterparts, with a real willingness to build collaborative projects with European entities.

Also, we discovered different organizations involved in the local economy: Ben Franklin organisation helping the companies to set up in Pennsylvania, Navy Yard organizing economic and social life, Fraunhofer centers innovating in US, Manufacturing USA supporting US industry to be more competitive with a national and specialized projects with laboratories (like our Factory Of Future, Industry 4.0), Singh Center (University of Pennsylvania) with huge R&D portfolio,  … and an amazing “start-up push” process (Community innovation Collaboration) bearing the American entrepreneurship spirit.”

Vincent Civita, cluster manager of ARIA Normandy, France
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