Clodagh Barry - member of regional, Irish and EU expert panels, founder of The Hub co-working space in Headford, Ireland and designer of strategic Enterprise, Innovation & Research programmes for NUI Galway & the Western Region, Ireland

After participating to the first webinar in the series "The COVID-19 cluster response: Solutions for dealing with ecosystem supply chain disruptions" organized by the European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP) together with the European Clusters Alliance, Clodagh Barry authored an article on The Cluster Centre platform wrapping up the learnings and impact of the presentations and discussions during the webinar.

"The case studies demonstrated the strength and robustness of the European ecosystem to achieve major milestones in a short time frame.  The Covid-19 crisis discussion echoed the spirit of rapid action response found in Ireland.  Mainland Europe seems to be pushing the spirit of cooperation and collaboration a little further.  The agility, flexibility and speed where industry & society joined up to form rapid action responses was striking."

Please read the entire article here

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