Pact for Skills to hold networking event for new and potential members

On 21 September, the Pact for Skills is organising its first networking event for new and potential Pact members. During the event, participants will have the opportunity to learn about the aims and objectives of the Pact, as well as the benefits of becoming a member. The event will feature...
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PackAlliance’s team informs you that the December newsletter is available and you can find all the information regarding the PackAll Hub.

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SME Initiative Energy Transition and Climate Protection

Support for German SMEs to improve their energy efficiency while remaining competitive Savings in energy costs occur as investments pay off with a high internal rate of return and short payback period The SME Initiative Energy Transition and Climate Protection (Mittelstandsinitiative Energiewende...
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The Centre for Resource Efficiency in Sweden (CERISE)

The Centre for Resource Efficiency in Sweden (CERISE) involves companies, authorities and research institutes. The Centre’s objective is to contribute to industries’ efforts to increase resource efficiency (reduction in the use of resources and increased material efficiency); improved energy...
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Green Ideas for Tourism in Europe

Green Ideas for Tourism is a project that developed an educational tool in a field of sustainable tourism. The tool helps tourism stakeholders keep up to date with the latest developments in the circular economy, blue economy and other cradle-to-cradle, resource efficiency and environmental...
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European SME Week

The European SME Week is a pan-European campaign that aims to promote entrepreneurship in Europe. An initiative of the European Commission, it helps existing entrepreneurs find information on available support and tries to encourage more people to set up their own businesses. The main objectives of...
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Bioresources in French Guyana

The bioresource department of Guyane Development Innovation (GDI) promotes economic development in French Guyana through its focus on biodiversity. It targets several sectors: agriculture and food, aquaculture and seafood products, wood and biomass, and biofuels. Its mains goals are to promote the...
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UCM - Cellule eco-conception

UCM is the main French-speaking employers’ organisation in Belgium, involved in defending the self-employed and business leaders. UCM offers a diverse range of services to SMEs, from business development to HR management and social services. Ten years ago, they created an eco-design unit, which...
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The innovation program RE: Source

RE:Source is Sweden’s leading research and innovation investment within the resource and waste area. It is a national innovation arena and supports the development of innovations that can contribute to a more efficient use of resources in both society and business. RE:Source has been appointed by...
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Inneon - online platform for eco-innovation investment

The Inneon network for eco-innovation investment aims to extend public and private funding sources available for eco-innovation and social innovation in Europe, and provide a unique forum dedicated to the interaction between a select cohort of innovators and relevant investors. Innovators and...
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Environmental performance in Brittany

The Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of Brittany and the Ademe have set up a multi-dimensional programme to improve companies' environmental management. Five key areas are adressed: energy efficiency, waste efficiency, circular economy, eco-design and eco-innovation. Companies can contact...
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CD2E - Creation Development of Eco-Enterprise in Haut-de-France

The Creation Development of Eco-Enterprise is one of the largest clusters in France and Europe to work on eco-technologies, bringing together around 250 members (companies, research centres, entrepreneurs, public institutions, etc.) in the Haut-de-France region. It has developed tools and actions to...