An Upgraded Global Cluster Leadership Certification Program – 100% Online, At Your Own Pace

Designed for cluster managers, cluster boards, national cluster programs policy makers, and ecosystem developers, the Global Cluster Leadership Program helps you build capacity for cluster management. In 2019, Strategy Tools’ published the report “Building Innovation Superclusters”, which was...

The power of (connected) ecosystems – notes from the 11th Global Peter Drucker Forum

With around 1000 participants from 60 countries – including large delegations from the US and China – the global management conference debated the topic “The Power of Ecosystems” with many of the leading management thinkers and practitioners of our time. For the first time, clusters were on the...

The 11th Global Peter Drucker Forum - “The Power of Ecosystems – Managing in A Networked World”

At The Global Peter Drucker Forum - the world’s leading management forum - world class speakers and management masterminds get together to share knowledge, ideas, visions on where the management journey goes to. At this year’s edition the selected theme is “The Power of Ecosystems – Managing in A...