Upcoming SMEs Go International Technical Assistance Facility

The ECCP is planning to launch the ‘SMEs Go International Technical Assistance Facility’. Stay tuned for our call for concept notes that will be launched in the coming weeks! Who is this for? This is a unique opportunity exclusively available for EU based SMEs that participated in the activities of...

France Clusters encourages cluster internationalisation

France Clusters shares the experience and good practices of the French clusters and encourages cluster internationalisation and international interclustering. Learn more about French success stories in the extensive press release developed by France Clusters and published in October 2016 (in French)...

Chinese opportunities: business Tour to Shenzhen, China 16th-21st November 2016 for the ICT and greentech sectors

The Dragon-STAR Plus project team is going to organize a business tour to Shenzhen, China during the China Hi-Tech Fair 2016 in Shenzhen, China on 16th – 21st, November 2016 to support technological and research collaboration between Chinese and European organizations in the ICT and green...