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Do you have any questions about our project and the MedBAN open calls for proposals? Do not worry - we got you! 👐 Waste no time and contact our help desk through the e-mail [at]! We are available to answer all of your questions! You can also check our FAQ document! ➡️

Protecting your IP while Transferring Technology to China

While in the past, European companies came to China to take advantage of low-cost manufacturing for export, more recently, they have come to enter the Chinese domestic market, establish R&D, engage in cooperative development, take advantage of a skilled work force, establish suppliers, and develop...

Cleantech in China - IP Strategies for a Rapidly Expanding Market

China is the fastest growing market for wind and nuclear power generation, and is investing heavily in exploring alternative, renewable means of addressing its immense energy needs. With a large potential cleantech market, and strong government support for the development and adoption of new clean...

Registering Top Level Domain names in China

Internet usage is truly booming in China, with more than 701 million ‘netizens’ (as of December 2016), China connects more people to the Internet than any other country. In fact, every fourth person on the Internet is from China. Facilitated by the increasing availability of broadband technology and...

Bad Faith Trade Mark Registrations in China and How to Deal with It

Prior trade mark registrations, also called ‘bad-faith registrations’, are a significant problem that many European companies encounter in China. This process commonly involves a Chinese company first registering the trade mark of a foreign company in China with the express intention of selling it...

Back to the Basics Series: The realities of doing business in China – Copyrights and Trade Marks

China’s intellectual property rights (IPR) system has come a long way in the past 30 years, and development continues – a revision of the trade mark law came into force in May, paving the way for more thorough protection for rights holders. Although China is now coming into line with international...

The China IPR SME Helpdesk: Free IP information and support service for EU SMEs

The principle issues surrounding IPR development, protection and enforcement are essential to all aspects of your business. Your IPR strategy should be considered one of the main pillars of your business. A strong IPR strategy and proactive preparation not only helps to prevent IPR-related issues...

Launch of the EU-JAPAN Regional Cooperation Helpdesk

The EU-Japan Centre is pleased to announce that CEEJA (European Center for Japanese Studies in Alsace) in Europe together with the Prefectures of Gifu and Iwate in Japan will develop the EU-Japan Regional Cooperation helpdesk. The helpdesk will put together a platform mobilising the maximum number...

Tips for protecting your IP in China and SEA

Practical tips for protecting your IP in China and South-East Asia China and the majority of South-East Asian countries have recently shown considerable efforts in creating stronger intellectual property rights (IPR) protection systems and in bringing their existing intellectual property laws in...

The EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) entered into force on the 1st of February 2019!

Do you need support to identify potential benefits for your clients SMEs? The EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation EPA Helpdesk will provide up-to-date information and will answer EPA-related queries. It will organise webinars and publish information packs each of them composed of a factsheet...

EU-JAPAN Technology Transfer HELPDESK

FIND TECHNOLOGIES THAT ARE AVAILABLE FOR LICENSING OR FOR OTHER BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES The EU-Japan Centre launches the EU-Japan Technology Transfer Helpdesk, a new service which aims at being a reference for those who are interested in searching for available technologies from both Japan and the EU...