Food Production

Best practices

Water savings in a meat processing plant

Pressure goes down, savings go up Meat processor identifies excess water consumption during cleaning Calculations reveal where savings could be made but the end result maintained An audit of water and energy usage at a Midlands pork meat processing factory revealed that a vast amount of hot water is...
Best practices

Family-run meat company targets resource efficiency

Cold truths about hot water Meat production company targets high refrigeration and hot water costs A new heat exchanger channels waste heat from freezers towards the factory's hot water needs Ballon Meats, a family-run company, has been producing various types of meats of the highest quality from...
Best practices

Biomass for sugar production

Sweet taste of success Sugar factory optimises its whole energy management systems Measures identified and implemented result in € 272 000 in annual savings Illintsi Sugar Factory produces 10 800 tonnes of sugar every year in what is considered an energy-demanding sector; it requires about 50 000...