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The Recyclability Certification analyzes the real capacity of packaging recycling of companies in the Packaging Cluster

This certification determines the percentage of real recyclability of the packaging through an analysis of the characteristics of the product and the technologies applied in the waste recovery plants. Different companies in the cluster have been able to benefit from the information obtained during...
Community News

CIRCULAR PACK: promoting circularity in food packaging

The Foodservice Cluster and the Packaging Cluster, with the support of the eco-innovation study inèdit, are launching Circular Pack a collaborative initiative to create a decalogue of circularity for food packaging. This decalogue aims to help companies in the agri-food and packaging value chain to...

Basque Ecodesign Meeting 2020

When did you touch 150 ecodesigned industrial products “Made in the Basque Country”? 700 professionals will meet 55 companies sharing practical knowledge on how to make more business, greening products and services by Life Cycle Thinking. The “Basque Ecodesign Meeting 2020” will be held in Bilbao...