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Pharaon Open Call for Healthy Ageing Solutions

The Pilots for Healthy and Active Ageing (Pharaon) project aims to improve the dignity, independence, and wellbeing of older adults through smart and active living solutions. It is part of the Horizon 2020 programme. The project has created a set of customisable platforms that provide advanced...
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DESIRE Funding Call to Be Launched Soon

The DESIRE Open Call for funding will be launched on September 13, 2023 and remain open for submissions until November 13, 2023 - 5 PM CET (Central European Time). Individual SMEs or consortia composed of a maximum of two SMEs, or one SME and another legal entity can apply for funding. Only SMEs can...
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A BRIGHT Future: The Uppsala Cluster Study Visit

A BRIGHT Future for Uppsala – The Uppsala Cluster Visit In October, STUNS Life science hosted the second cluster study visit of the BRIGHT project. During the visit, the idea was to promote the project to the ecosystem in Uppsala, Sweden, but also to promote the ecosystem to the partners of BRIGHT...
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Data and health: an indissoluble binomial

Europe launched the European Health Data Space (EDHS) this May. However, obstacles such as interoperability and secondary use of data remain to be overcome, but there are also initiatives driven by Estonia and its entire network of Nordic and Scandinavian countries to reflect this.
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Two new European projects to maximize impact of innovation in BioRegion of Catalonia

Biocat has started working, in conjunction with partners all over Europe, on the European BRIGHT and INNAXE projects to maximize the impact of innovation generated in the BioRegion and align the organization’s strategy with current European and international trends in the life sciences and...
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Three award-winning initiatives on reduction and prevention obesity through personalized nutrition

Today three initiatives received the new Booster award, an incentive for initiatives that support the reduction and prevention of obesity employing personalized nutrition tools. The winners - Happy Feet on Healthy Food, J.A.App (Juvenile Antiobesity App) and Ready to (h)eat meals tailored to gut...
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Growing interest in GEN.ERA Genomic Value Chain: New associated partner on board !

GEN.ERA is pursuing its objective of developing a Cluster European Alliance in digital genomics for internationalisation. Pooling significant representatives organisation in the genomic business community. We are delighted to welcome as associate partners: Cluster Alisei (Italy) Ceinge Advanced...

European Health Catapult | The Innovation Challenge by EIT Health

The European Health Catapult (EHC) is a training and competition programme organized by EIT Health with the support of the Health Axis Europe. It is operationally run by Cap Digital and Medical Valley with support of BIORN, Medicen and a community of +20 European partners, all leaders of healthcare...

Call for applications: First Well Aging Society Summit Asia-Japan 2018

Japan is characterised by an aging society and is facing both societal and health challenges, beyond what other industrialised nations experience. These challenges include the increase of medical expenditures, lifestyle-related diseases, medical disparities and high demand for elderly care and...

Global Cluster Hub - BIO 2016

BIO Convention Global Cluster Hub 2016: Digital Health – Transforming life science clusters and their management Tuesday June 7, 1530-1700: European Commission booth, Exhibition Hall The BIO 2016 Global Cluster Hub brings together cluster managers and key players from across the globe, with unique...