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Euroclusters for Thriving Creative and Cultural Industries - 1st Call for financial support to CCIs SMEs

The CREATHRIV-EU Euroclusters for Thriving Creative and Cultural Industries has received funding from the EU’s Single Market Programme under Grant Agreement 101074265. CREATHRIV-EU is a European cross-regional joint cluster initiative that aims at strengthening the European Creative and Cultural...
Community News

CREATHRIV-EU Project enters the next phase

CREATHRIV-EU partners have just concluded the activities under work package 2 whose aim was setting the knowledge basis for the future project activities. Under task 2.1, partners gave a better overview of the CCIs and the subsectors that are more relevant for the project along with a depiction of...

Canada: CETA Market Access Programme for EU Business on Creative Cultural Industries is out!

Employing more than 12 million people in the EU, 80% of whom work in SMEs, the creative and cultural industries (CCIs) are an important but often overlooked sector of the EU economy. EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (“CETA”) will enhance the Canadian consumer’s access to the EU’s...