Meet innovative Japanese companies in biotechnology and life sciences

A new portal promotes innovative Japanese biotechnology and life sciences companies and invites European companies to express their interest in online meetings. The 41 Japanese companies on the site are innovative ventures located in incubation facilities managed by the Organization for Small &...
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Four proposals for the transformation of the companies of the Packaging Cluster on Digital Marketing, Startups, Neuromarketing or the Bcorp certification, in the last webinar organized by the entity

For this month of June, the publication of the line of aid aimed at the members of the Catalunya Clusters program of ACCIÓ, with 29 clusters from all over Catalonia, a program that was established with the purpose of supporting the transformation of the companies that make up these clusters. With...
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Did you just miss the SMARTENERGY 6-pack series?

Three 6-pack series of SMARTENERGY have come to an end. The Italian, Belgian and French partners of SMARTENGERY organised 3 online advanced trainings on hydrogen, energy communities and smart grids. Outstanding players of the regional and national ecosystem at the crossroads of energy &...