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Two new European projects to maximize impact of innovation in BioRegion of Catalonia

Biocat has started working, in conjunction with partners all over Europe, on the European BRIGHT and INNAXE projects to maximize the impact of innovation generated in the BioRegion and align the organization’s strategy with current European and international trends in the life sciences and...

TheCAP Cluster Manual

There are over 2,500 innovation clusters in Europe, yet some argue that the future is being invented outside of Europe. Many clusters are inward looking and acting more as an agglomeration of stakeholders than as active business and innovation creators. But how can we accelerate the transition from...

Clusters are the Power of Innovation – a new Danish campaign

In Denmark, the performance and impact of clusters have been measured for more than a decade. The Danish clusters reach out annually to more than 18,000 companies, supporting the development of new products, services and processes. It is well-documented that companies in clusters are more innovative...