The Social Economy in the Mediterranean

"The Social Economy in the Mediterranean" publication, coordinated by Juan Antonio Pedreño, president of the Spanish Business Confederation of the Social Economy (CEPES), brings together more than 500 pages, analysis and opinions of fifty personalities of the Government of Spain, the European...

Innovation & Gender

Published by the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems VINNOVA and authored by Inger Danilda and Jennie Granat Thorslund (eds.), the book tackles questions such as "Why does GENDER DIVERSITY matter when it comes to product and service innovation? What has RESEARCH shown? And what does...

Knowledge-Driven Entrepreneurship

"Clusters can be likened to the living organisms in the rainforest populated by a vast number of species with wide range, such as the parasite, the predator, the symbiont, and the table companion. In the rainforest internal design, which means relationships, is what is valuable. The quality of...