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Farmer with energy

This tool provides farmers clear and reliable information on renewable energy systems (RES). Answering simple online questions, farmers can plot their energy and heat needs to calculate an optimal RES mix, and which installations and devices are likely to work best given the conditions on their site...
Support programme

Biogas calculator

Biogas calculator is a tool used to estimate the volume of biogas production, production of electricity and heat, project implementation costs, as well as the payback period of incurred investment costs. The analysis consists of four stages in which it is possible to insert the input data and the...

Call for Applications LCBA - Matchmaking : Biogas and Solid Waste Management

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS From August 21st to September 24th Low Carbon Business Action in Brazil International Business Matchmaking Programme for SMEs from Brazil and the EU 28-Memeber States MATCHMAKING MISSION WASTE MANAGEMENT & BIOGAS 21-24 November, 2017 – São Paulo - SP, Brazil TRAVEL COSTS OF...