Michael Jaeger

Michael Jaeger

Cluster manager in the field of mechatronics

From 2009 to 2019 Michael Jaeger worked as a cluster manager in the field of mechatronics for the Tyrol location agency. During this time Michael Jaeger was able to accompany many successful national and international projects in the field of automation and robotics. The cooperation of all mechatronic networks in the DACH region should be emphasized - this network has existed for over ten years and is still being successfully presented at an annual conference “IFM-International Forum Mechatronics” without public contributions.

Since 2017, Michael Jaeger working for the National Cluster Platform Austria in the area of innovations and trends. Since 2018 Michael Jaeger is coordinating the clusters of renewable energies, information technology and mechatronics in a managerial function. Michael Jaeger also coordinate the "www.digital.tirol" initiative.

Michael Jaeger focus is currently on cross-cluster activities.

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