Isabelle De Sutter

Isabelle De Sutter

Head of European Affairs

Isabelle DE SUTTER (Female) works as Head of European Affairs at SYSTEMATIC Paris-Region since 2009.  Isabelle has a  Master in  Business  Administration  (MBA)  and a  license in  European  Marketing sciences. She participates in H2020 and Cosme projects and she took the coordination of an  FP7  RoK project with  12  partners.  Be Wiser,  Building  Enterprise -Wireless and  Internet Security in European Regions.

Isabelle is leading the implementation and development of the European strategy of the cluster. In  addition, she  is  in  charge  of  supporting  institutional  and  private  companies  in building  collaborative  or  individual European  R&D  projects  (in  particular  under  Horizon  2020  &  Eureka  work  programmes)  and  developing partnerships  with  European  clusters,  platforms  and  cPPPs  (EIT  Digital,  EIT  Manufacturing,  ECSO;  ...)

Isabelle is taking part in the French NCPs team: ICT and Security since H2020 WP. Before joining Systematic Cluster, Isabelle had over 20 years’ experience working in innovation and business development and as a  freelance  European consultant.  She has demonstrated skills in project management,  providing support to SMEs and startups in their international development.

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