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Gathering No.100, Celebrate the milestone!

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No. 2, Yanfa 2nd Rd., East Dist., 300,
Hsinchu City
24° 46' 30.162" N, 121° 0' 0.9036" E


Dear Pals, with self-expectation, we invite you to join our gathering No. 100!! 


These years, without all your supports, we couldn't have reached what we've done today. Green Like We Give a Damn has been the biggest hub featuring issues such as Energy Saving Systems, Ancillary Services (electric power), Energy Trading Platform. We appreciate that you count on us. 

Thank you. 

The faith of our group is "Let curiosity brings you further." We have foreseen the upcoming opportunities and made wishes, hoping Green Impact Academy is able to get prepared ahead of our members before the market grows. 

Then it occurs to us the previous gatherings we had held, and we are managing to come up with a better idea for Gathering No.100. 

Let's go check the real Energy Saving System! Thanks to our sponser Delta, we are able to communicate with Senior Manager, Mr. Tai, of ESDBD from Delta. The main topics falls on how Major Power Users would choose to fulfill their obligation of Energy Effciency. We will get to visit Delta, see how they utilize factory power and Energy Saving System, and learn the actual difficulties they have encountered. 

If you have particpated in AFC tender or you work as a Major Power User, a factory staff and is evaluting the possibility of ESS, and even trying to seek a chance of transforming to a better conditiom, we welcome you to join this gathering and celebrate it. The location is No. 2, Yanfa 2nd Rd., East Dist., 300, Cyntec, a company of Delta's group. The registration is limited and we ecourage you to bring up your opinion here. ! 

Register here>> https://bit.ly/3gcbex5

Join as a memeber>> https://goo.gl/tikkjT