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Space2ID Closure Meeting: Just refuelling…

On Monday 27th February Space2ID partners gathered together in Brussels for the final meeting for the official closure of the project. However, it was more than a typical convention.

They were all there

Despite the size of the multidisciplinary partnership, Space2ID passengers joined Brussels from Spain, Italy, France, Belgium and Greece. Space and MELCA (Mobility, Energy, Logistics, Creative Industries, and Agriculture) clusters concluded on the success of their collaboration and made some final remarks regarding the activities of the project.

VIP’s list

An official project closure event is always the best occasion to present the final and most important results of the collective effort. In this sense, Space2ID crew invited representatives from the European Commission, European Space Agency, Nereus, EARSC, and various regions and proposed them an official presentation overview of the project content and its future vision.

Rocket down?

So, project closure means that the project is done? No more MELCA Trek and Space Innovation Wars? Of course not! Space2ID rocket is down for refuelling before the launch of Space2ID+ or Space2ID 2.0 or Space2ID Vol. 2 or whatever the imagination of partners will call the next generation of Space2ID. The plan was created, the analysis was finished, the calculations for a concrete internationalisation strategy were done and the ambition is here : now it’s time to implement and  to get ready for the next stage where MELCA clusters in a Space rocket will travel to China, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Colombia and Chile in order to make business, increase their export rates and make European innovation proud once again.

Till then, unfasten your seatbelts, set back and keep calm, it’s loading…