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SMARTENERGY Six pack training series: dates and programmes


How energising would it be to fully explore the ClusterXchange scheme set up in the fundamentals of our SMARTENERGY project?

How inspiring would it be to visit an R&D player in France, Hungary, Italy or Belgium? 

How hospitable could it be to receive SME's and innovation stakeholder from all over the EU? 

For now the well known virus doesn't let us meet eachother in person. Well then we try to make the best of it using the virtual spaces we have. 

The SMARTENERGY project set up Six pack training series on 4 different topics!

  1. Hydrogen technologies - starting on 17/02/2021 - REGISTER
  2. Energy Communities - starting on 23/02/2021 - REGISTER
  3. Smart Grids - starting on 04/03 - REGISTER
  4. Smart Buildings - starting on 05/03  - REGISTER

In 6 webinars each topic covers the value chain, specific technologies, important R&D players and SME's, workshops and meet & match session. 

Target audience: you!  

EU  energy R&D stakeholders (SME's, Research Institutes & Universities, Incubathors, Living labs, clusters, ...)

Full dates and programmes are available here.

Questions? get in touch with us:

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