NextMove: A new brand for a new dynamic

Submitted by vcivita on 13 January 2021

A new graphic identity for a new dynamic

A new brand means a new identity: name, logo, colours… The whole of the cluster’s graphic charter has been designed to give full meaning to the brand signature: “collaboration is the driver”. This graphic universe is the foundation that must guarantee a strong and coherent visual identity for NextMove. It will help to create a distinctive image of a key player in the mobility sector and its industry.

The cluster’s new name – NextMove – evokes mobility and progress. It expresses its vision: because tomorrow’s mobility is being prepared today, we must always be in the “next move”. “Move” also recalls the name of Mov’eo, which together with the ARIA Normandie and RAVI have merged to give birth to this new ecosystem.

The logotype has the name in reserve on a dark blue background, which gives the brand status and impact. The “e”, out of the box, gives the logo its distinctiveness by expressing the disruptive nature of the brand, capable of thinking “out of the box”. The signature “collaboration is the driver” expresses the key value, the operating mode and the condition for the success of this organisation. The “driver” evokes mobility and makes the signature specific.

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