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New cluster Food Tech Hub Brazil visiting NF4 and FoodvalleyNL

A new initiative from Brazil, The Food Tech Hub, visited New Frontiers in Food Fast Forward (NF4) and FoodvalleyNL, the food innovation cluster based in The Netherlands. The Food Tech Hub board presented the new cluster and its ambitions during an interactive meeting on February 19th at the FoodvalleyNL office in Wageningen, The Netherlands. The Food Tech Hub Brazil(http://foodtechhub.com.br/) is aiming to stimulate food innovation in Brazil and for Brazilian companies. The main pillars are focussed on the University of Sao Carlos (UFSCar) and the Institue of Food Technology ITAL. The Food Tech Hub is open for international collaboration, also with food, ingredients, research SMEs focussing on Brazil. Brazil is one of the target countries of the NF4 project. In the near future the approach for interaction with Brazil in food innovation and internationalization from the NF4-perspective will be further defined. Follow information at www.newfrontiersinfood.eu.

The NF4 project is an internationalization fast track accelerator for innovation-intensive food SMEs, powered by a 5-partner food clusters alliance: Clusaga (ES); Food Valley (NL); Valorial (FR); Vitagora (FR) and Wagralim (BE). The activities are  specialized on 3 food industry value chains: processed foods, health&nutritional food products and connected food. These value chains provide a full package of acceleration services, aiming at boosting international collaboration and business development of a cohort of European food SMEs. Within the project 4 overseas target markets are selected in which the consortium is already strongly connected: Canada, USA, China and Brazil.