Submitted by ROTARU Flaviana on 12 January 2021

New European Electronics for Global Health and Wellbeing (NE4HEALTH) reunites 85 SMEs belonging to 5 partners for 18 months of partnership with the joint commitment to consolidate the joint electronics-health Internationalisation Strategy, the forecasted interventions are directed toward developing #competitiveness and #innovation. Considering the innovative potential, and under the auspices of the European coherence, #NE4HEALTH becomes a centre of excellence for global value chains, bringing to the forefront the internationalization of electronic technologies applied to #health and #wellbeing sectors.

Highlighting the key technological challenges, as tackled within the forecasted interventions, the project provides the beneficiary #SMEs with international-based business opportunities, following the global trends, with a full-fledged understating of the target market dynamics. Defining an internationalisation roadmap, the project follows a multilateral deployment strategy, creating trans-European SMEs consortia, fully capable to internationally compete, to assume the globally leading position in the Electronics for Health Sector. Considering the #ESCP-4i, NE4HEALTH identifies the common identity and joint promotional activities, jointly constructing the innovation highways toward the Third Targeted Countries.

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