Submitted by ROTARU Flaviana on 15 January 2021

The concept innately governing New European Electronics for Global Health and Wellbeing (NE4HEALTH) is based on the school of thoughts related to Key Enabling Technologies (KET), underpinning Europe`s leading position in industrial domains such as technology-intensive products and services. With approximately 10,000 #SMEs having their activity completed under the auspices of #KET, the spearheads domains being robotics, embedded systems, automotive and equipment semiconductors, as well as photonics components. Concomitantly, the biggest share pertains to advanced manufacturing technologies, accompanied by #micro-electronics and #nano-electronics. Based on the revision of the KET indicators, the #clusters could actively contribute to the process of capacity building in terms of impact, relevance, key capacity, and enabling power.

Following a #cross-KET approach, #NE4HEALTH committed to melding #digital and #production technologies, tackling the societal challenges of #health and #wellbeing, with #clustering thereby becoming the catalyst for a collaborative approach for the #emerging industries. Under the #innovative and #transnational programming, the project is breveted to increase the marketability of printed electronics designed for health and wellbeing, focused on medical #devices (MDs), in vitro #diagnostics (IVDs), and digital health. With 95% of the European companies categorized as SMEs, the clusters play a crucial role in supporting the organic #growth of these economic actors.   

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