More than 50 technical seminars, 14 collaborative projects, a new Training Plan with 6 transversal courses and a Packaging Observatory for 2021

Submitted by Serena on 21 January 2021

  • The Packaging Cluster presented the new services that it will offer to its associates in the virtual conference on January 15

After reviewing and analyzing the results of the past 2020, during the webinar of January 15, the cluster wanted to photograph the year 2021 with everything that we will offer to our associates soon. The result? We have already scheduled 50 interactive and participatory sessions, 14 collaborative and innovative projects underway, we have established a direct network with start-ups and we will launch the Packaging Observatory on January 26.

The Packaging Observatory will be established as a space where you can find periodic reports on trends, studies and exclusive information on the development of the market, find out what is happening, how and where. We will work on it together with the external consultancy Connociam, who will help us take the first step to establish this packaging radar, tailored to the members. 

The new services involve more work and, therefore, a team with more professionals. Artur Costa, President of the Packaging Cluster stated that: “in order to provide good service and correctly attend the entire activities plan with more than 50 seminars, we have expanded our structure with Carlos Jiménez and Pol Marin. On the other hand, I encourage you to participate in the training plan. I will take a course too, as I consider that it is very necessary and interesting to continue training ourselves to improve the competitiveness of companies”.

This year we exclusively launched the new Training Plan with 6 technical courses of transversal knowledge, coordinated by the expert Montse Castillo, Managing Partner at RepaQ Packaging Consulting & Academic Coordinator at IQS Executive. The training proposal coincides with a new era of reflection determined by a disruptive paradigm, where, as indicated by Montse Castillo, “continuous learning is essential for professionals in this field, who will be able to give correct answers to the challenges that arise”. The courses are:

  • Packaging quality and safety management system. Training that will allow you to become an internal auditor of the quality and safety management system of your product and will help you to facilitate the implementation of standards for obtaining system certifications. Starts February 8
  • B2B sales academy. Aimed at commercial managers of companies and their sales teams, who will be prepared for the different prospecting situations in Post-Covid times. New sales methods and search for potential customers will be explained. Starts January 26
  • Strategic Management Upgrade. It will help managers to improve the strategy and competitiveness of the company, from the perspective of Management, through learning with real cases and with the participation of teachers of the highest level. Starts May 5
  • The role of packaging in e-commerce. Training that will allow you to develop e-commerce strategies in the packaging sector. You will be able to know the minimum requirements to develop successful economic systems through electronic commerce, as well as to meet the current challenges of online sales. Starts May 18
  • Circular Packaging, rethinking packaging. Course for professionals who wish to update themselves on the most relevant aspects of sustainable packaging, as well as the circular economy environment: aligning packaging to current consumer demand and legislative challenges, establishing roadmaps to devise sustainable packaging in the economy circular, know the main concepts and evaluate the fundamental strategies of circular economy, while knowing how to adequately communicate the efforts in the matter. Starts September 27
  • Management of business sustainability. Specialization to incorporate sustainability in business management and in relations with consumers, the value chain and the rest of the relationship groups. A fundamental factor to encourage innovation, differentiation and the creation of shared value for the company and civil society. Starts in November

At the same time, Sonia RuizFounder of Noima and coordinator of training in business sustainability management, argued the importance of sustainability in the global strategy of companies according to regulatory changes and consumer transparency demands: “sustainability is rise as a crucial aspect to be more competitive and resilient, as well as more innovative as an organization”.

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