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AdPack² identified the core group for internationalisation

During 2018 and 2019 AdPack² offers all the necessary tools to open international markets in China, Canada and the United States in the sector of Advanced Smart Packaging. The project will be carried out with six international cluster, which will allow interaction and knowledge of other advanced European companies in areas such as biopolymers, nanotechnologies, plasma, digital technologies and the food industry.

One main goal of the consortium is to identify a core group and enlarge this core group during the project lifetime. The core group consists of four target groups:

  • Target group 1: this group is formed by partnership SME members
  • Target group 2: these are SME non-members
  • Target group 3: universities, research institutes, large companies, etc.
  • Target group 4: this target group includes relevant regional authorities, chambers of commerce, regional, national trade agencies, other clusters and ESCPs

Currently, the core group consists of 51 entities from Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Spain.

This core group will be the main target audience for the AdPack² internationalisation and cooperation activities; thus, pursuing the efficiency of the implemented actions.


Would you like to be a part of the core group?

The project is open to all entities interested in advanced smart packaging that have an interest in the international markets of China, Canada and/or the United States: SMEs, large companies, universities, research institutes, technology centres, administrative entities, regional authorities, chambers of commerce, etc.

Contact us if you would like to join the core group.

Your benefits of being part of the core group

  • You are getting in contact with six highly developed cluster and their partners from different sectors.
  • You can be part of the advanced smart packaging team Europe.
  • You can participate in thematic seminars and/or training seminars for internationalization and international cooperation.
  • You can join the internationalisation mission to Canada, China and/or the United States.

Not all AdPack² companies are on the same level in terms of internationalisation skills in general or, more specifically, in the target countries. Furthermore, not all SMEs of all consortium partners are interested or have the means to contribute to the smart packaging sector. Therefore, with this task AdPack² will aim to identify a group of SMEs and other relevant members (large companies, technology centres) that:

  • are highly interested in, and can contribute to, the smart packaging global value chain
  • can be engaged in and committed to AdPack2 activities
  • are interested in going international to the target countries (Canada, China and US)
  • have internationalisation experience and capacities (financial and technical)