Supporting Policymakers

Clusters are widespread in Europe and core economic actors in many EU regions


Industrial clusters are key players for resilient, green and digital regional economies across Europe.

Supporting cluster organisations to make the green and digital transition happen

Member States and regions in the European Union use clusters through policy instruments to implement their priorities. With over 1,500 clusters located across 200 EU-27 regions, clusters are the core economic actors supporting the twin transition and resilience. These clusters account for almost 25% of total EU employment offering a range of services to support their cluster members.

Policymakers can find information about national and regional cluster policies in the country factsheets covering every EU Member State. We are proud to support European policymakers to connect and collaborate whilst providing inspiring examples across Europe and beyond. 

Tools for Policymakers

The ECCP provides a one-stop shop for policymakers to explore cluster policies, find best practices and compare cluster policies across Europe and beyond.  Our platform offers:

European Cluster Panorama 2021

The latest European Cluster Panorama report highlights the significance industrial clusters have on the European economy with a detailed analysis.

Mapping Tool

Our updated interactive mapping tool allows users to explore by policy, sector, industrial ecosystem, and region.

Policy Toolkit

Our new policy toolkit helps address strategic challenges that regions face in the twin transition. Policymakers can use the toolkit to search for good practices across Europe.

Clustering is a key feature of the European economy

The ECCP presented to an expert group the key features of the European Panorama report that provides a comprehensive picture of clusters and cluster organisations in Europe.

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