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URBACT’s last call for Action Planning networks now open!

Deadline: 17 April 2019, 15:00 CET.

The URBACT III Programme is looking for up to 23 new Action Planning networks. Action Planning networks aim to help cities in Europe find solutions to common urban challenges. These networks bring together up to 10 partners from different European countries to share experience and learn from each other. The partners will produce an Integrated Action Plan and will have the opportunity to test some small scale solutions in their cities. This work is done by bringing together local stakeholders and working in local and transnational partnerships.

Joining an URBACT Action Planning network will allow cities to benefit from a structured and organised process of exchange and learning with peers across Europe and benefit from the tried and tested URBACT method which uses integrated and participatory approaches to develop an Integrated Action Plan for the city.

What you can expect:

a. Learning from peers across Europe

b. Designing and testing small scale solutions at local level

c. Enhancing capacities for policy-making

d. Accessing financial resources and support tools for exchange and learning

The URBACT Programme provides financial resources to support network activities. The maximum eligible budget of an Action Planning network will be up to EUR 750 000. The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) co-finances network costs, with the following co-financing rates

  • 70% for cities located in more developed regions
  • 85% for cities located in less developed and transition regions
  • Partners from Switzerland will be co-financed at up to 50% by Swiss national funds
  • Partners from Norway may participate in Action Planning networks at their own cost for this call (this current situation will be reviewed on an annual basis by the competent authorities)
  • The modalities of funding partners from United Kingdom will be determined as part of the Brexit negotiations

The programme is also co-financed by the Member Partner States.

e. Adding value through the URBACT Knowledge Hub and programme experts

A successful participation in an Action Planning network requires that all partners commit to the following core activities: transnational activities, local activities and communication, as detailed in the .Guide to Action Planning networks - Phase 1 (2019)

Please find more details on the call and the related useful documents here



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