University-industry collaboration drives academic productivity, openness

Submitted by alinadanielescu on 30 January 2017

Courtesy of our colleagues from the State Science & Technology Institute (SSTI) we present you an article authored by Robert Ksiazkiewicz, which emphasizes the findings of researchers from the London Business School (LBS) and University of Southern California (USC) on benefits for academic researchers in industry partnerships.

" While some researchers contend that university-industry collaboration may corrupt the academic ideal of open sciences and reduce academic productivity, researchers from the London Business School (LBS) and University of Southern California (USC) found that university-industry research collaborations – in certain situations – can lead to more publications but fewer patents than similar academic studies without industry partners. These findings would indicate that such collaboration can actually stimulate open science and increase academic productivity, rather than weaken it.

In When Collaboration Bridges Institutions: The Impact of Industry Collaboration on Academic Productivity, the authors wanted to test the assertion of many scholars and previous research findings on university-industry collaboration. The previous literature put forth the argument that the focus of these relationships are heavily skewed toward benefiting corporate interests (i.e., commercialization and appropriation of corporate intellectual property rights) leading to the erosion of academic productivity as well as other norms of science in academia.

However, these new findings might indicate a mutually-beneficial relationship for both corporate and academic interests...."

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