Tokyo Metropolitan Government Call for Applications “Tech Business Camp Tokyo”

Submitted by Caroline Guillet on 25 June 2018

In order to boost Tokyo’s international competitiveness and create further growth, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) has continued to proactively introduce initiatives designed to attract foreign companies, and promoted the transfer of leading technologies and know-how from overseas companies to domestic companies.

TMG has also launched an accelerator program targeting foreign start-up companies possessing cutting-edge technologies related to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, such as IoT, artificial intelligence, and robotics, etc.

This programme invites foreign companies to come to Tokyo to learn about the uniqueness of the Japanese market and needs of companies within the city, while also aiming to create business matchups between the foreign companies and Tokyo companies by providing the latter with opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of the former’s technologies. By matching up Tokyo companies and foreign companies with leading software technologies, the TMG hopes to achieve its vision of becoming a safe, smart and diverse city.

The camp aims at:

  • Providing support for the creation of business plans by matching the selected foreign companies with local companies and IT vendors, etc.
  • Hosting pitch events, with participants including investors and companies, etc., from Tokyo.

All information regarding the “Tech Business Camp Tokyo” can be found here.

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