TCI Network Oceania September 2019 Newsletter

Submitted by Alina Danieles… on 23 September 2019

TCI Oceania, along with TCI Latin America and TCI Asia, is one of the chapters that have been developed over the past decade by the global TCI Network. Established in 1998 and headquartered in Barcelona, TCI Network aims to promote clusters as a strategic approach for economic development and the competitiveness of regions and localities globally. The organisation has grown consistently over the years, so that today there are more than 78 national and regional organisation members representing over 9000 practitioners from 110 countries.

What has been going on in the TCI Oceania chapter in the past months?

It was a busy, interesting and very useful year for TCI Oceania so far.

International cluster experts were invited by TCI Oceania in May to present at key conferences and events. Thanks to this, TCI Oceania members had the opportunity to meet in two places during this month.

The two events – a special Brisbane Luncheon Forum and the South Australian Regional Development Conference 2019 in Adelaide, counted on the presence of the European Cluster Manager of the Year and member of the EU Strategy Roundtable for 'Industry 2030' Bianca Dragomir and TCI Network member – FEMAC, presented by Enric Pedrós, cluster manager. The stakeholders at the events sharpened their knowledge on systemic innovation and why it is needed for exponential change at the industry level. Global leaders shared their strategies and success stories, stressing out the innovation along the value chain. The attendants in both events got to know more about the economic development and the latest in productivity and technologies tools to help improve business profits and the workforce in the Oceania region.

In July the member of the Board of Advisors of TCI Network – Ifor Ffowcs-Williams took part in the Asia Pacific Cities Summit. He visited Brisbane to speak on ‘The Role of Clusters as Drivers of Strong City Economies’. During his visit, he met with Brisbane and South East Queensland clusters to share insights on cluster best practice and provide expert guidance for future development.

What is next?

In October Dr. Emily Wise – member of the Board of Directors of TCI Network, will speak at the Australian National Economic Development Conference (NEDC) in Adelaide on the topic of clusters, collaborative ecosystems and digitization.

Also in October the TCI Network flagship event is happening– the TCI 2019 Global Conference, due to take place from October 8 to 10 in Antwerp, Belgium and members from TCI Oceania are expected to join and exchange experience and insights with their colleagues from all over the world.  Flanders – Belgium’s northern region – will be the place to be for government, business and academic players who believe in the innovative power of collaboration and industry clusters. Over the course of three inspiring days, the region will be the host for TCI Network’s 22nd annual global conference. Co-hosted by government agencies Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT) and Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship (VLAIO), this year’s edition of the world’s leading cluster conference with expected 400+ delegates, will dive into the theme Strategic Clusters for Sustainable Growth, exploring new trends and new practices from clusters in a shifting environment.

Useful cluster resources that TCI Oceania shares with their members:

  • Papers and Articles

Cluster policy resilience: new challenges for a mature policy by James R. Wilson, University of Deusto

Smart Guide to entrepreneurship support through clusters

  • TCI Network Webinars

TCI Global Webinar 2/2019 "Sustainability of Cluster Organizations"

TCI Global Webinar 3/2019 "Monitoring Impact of Cluster Work"

  • Podcast

Clusters podcast with Ifor Ffowcs-Williams by the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, Australian Government

Please find attached the September issue of the TCI Nesletter.

For more information regarding the TCI Oceania chapter, any activities and initiatives, please contact Tracy Scott-Rimington, Chair of TCI Oceania and member of the Board of Directors of TCI Network (tracysr [at]

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