TCI Global Webinar "Monitoring impact of cluster work"

Submitted by Alina Danieles… on 21 August 2019

After the two global webinars held so far in 2019 on “How to incorporate clusters into existing economic development work?” and “Sustainability of Cluster Organizations”, TCI Network invites you to participate in the third onе, addressing the theme of “Monitoring impact of cluster work”, Wednesday, September 4, at 3:00pm CET.

Top experts as Thomas A. Christensen, Novo Nordisk Foundation and members of TCI Cluster Evaluation Group, led by Madeline Smith, Head of Strategy, Institute of Design Innovation, The Glasgow School of Art, will share their hands-on experience on the topic, going into more detail on how to truly capture the benefit of clustering and showing the value of collaboration and return on investment.

TCI Network CEO Patricia Valdenebro will be moderating this virtual discussion.

The webinar is open and free, if you are interested in attending it, please register before September 4 by following this link:

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