TCI Global Webinar 1/ 2019

Submitted by Alina Danieles… on 03 April 2019

How to incorporate clusters into existing economic development work? April 9 / Tuesday / 4:30pm CET, check your local time!   Join TCI for this first global webinar in 2019, a virtual discussion about clusters and economic development, with two excellent speakers from the TCI network,

  • Marco Llinas, Bogota Chamber of Commerce, Colombia & Board of Directors, TCI Network
  • Sandy Baruah, Detroit Regional Chamber, US &Board of Advisors, TCI Network

Facilitator, Patricia Valdenebro, TCI Network During the webinar participants will go deep into how clusters integrate best way into broader economic development strategies, with examples from Bogota and Detroit regions and evidence on why clusters are positive for these regional economies. The webinar is free and open for all interested cluster and economic development practitioners, please sign up for the webinar here.

The news was published in the TCI Network newsletter, march 2019.  Copyright © 2019 TCI Network,

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