Search for cluster experts for training on best practices in transportation & logistics (in Tunisia)

Submitted by alinadanielescu on 12 September 2018

In the framework of an on-going EU-funded Programme to support the development of services sectors in Tunisia, the EBRD ( is carrying out a number of best practices dissemination & training initiatives, aiming at opening perspectives, improving skills and populating a pipeline of possible upcoming advisory projects to support implementation of concrete actions to improve performance and upgrade quality and profitability of SMEs in these sectors.

One of the sectors being targeted in the above framework is that of transportation and logistics, within which EBRD is considering carrying out a specific dissemination/training action to respond to a request related to creating a cluster for the transportation and logistics sector in Sfax (the 2nd most industrialised region in Tunisia), to transfer international best practices on the creation and management of Clusters dedicated to around 40 transport SMEs of the region.

This dissemination/training should introduce international best practices in the field of transport & logistics clustering, particularly at a regional level, and launch discussion on possible implementation of such initiative by local stakeholders. The trainer would also conduct one or more diagnoses, leading to the preparation of preliminary action plans (with international advisory assistance) so that the EBRD may eventually support their implementation.

Interested expert(s) / trainer(s), able to carry out the dissemination/training in question, are invited to send their CV(s) following which, and a definitive decision to implement the initiative, the Terms of Reference (ToR) of the action (in English),will be sent for analysis, comments and suggestions for improvement if relevant, aiming at the implementation of this training action during the autumn of the current year.

Contact: Pedro Almeida Team Coordinator, Advice for Small Businesses,  EBRD Coordinateur d'équipe, Conseil aux PME, BERD

tel: +33 970449729 mobile EU: +351 917223966 mobile Tunisia: +216 93527064 mobile Morocco : +212 639975921

Skype ID:painnovation

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