RSRS paper on the Basque cluster policy

Submitted by alinadanielescu on 21 May 2017

The Regional Studies Association open access Journal, Region Studies, Regional Science, has published a recent paper on "Basque Country cluster policy: the road of 25 years" written by Anastasiia Konstantynova, researcher at Orkestra-Basque Institute of Competitiveness. The paper looks at how cluster policy, particularly its management part can contribute to the processes of switching path dependency and escaping lock-ins in the old industrial regions. Based on the experience of the Basque cluster policy it rediscovers and stresses the importance of agile policy capacity to internal knowledge creation, constant learning and adaptation stimulating processes of path creation. With this the findings provide new ways of thinking about cluster policy interventions.

Please find attached the paper "Basque Country cluster policy: the road of 25 years".

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