Rocket-start into 2023: Self check your key capabilities and recognize your potential!

Submitted by ECCP Team on 16 January 2023

A new year´s start is the perfect time for companies to evaluate, reflect, and set new goals.

The ECCP helps companies affiliated to cluster organisations by offering a range of detailed assessments on key capabilities (such as innovation management and sustainability) encouraging companies to recognize potential for improvement and take action!

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The following 4 assessments are available to you:

Innovation Management Assessment

The Innovation Management Assessment gives a sober and clearly structured picture of the own innovation management performance in comparison to the competitors’ performance. It helps companies to understand the key success factors of innovation management in 5 innovation management dimensions, namely innovation strategy, innovation organisation and culture, innovation life-cycle management, innovation enabling factors and innovation results. It is offered as an online questionnaire comprising 47 questions.

Innovation Management Excellence Assessment

The Innovation Management Excellence Assessment is a lighter version of the well proven Innovation Management Assessment and follows the same holistic approach by assessing companies’ innovation management performance based upon the structure of the Kearney’s House of Innovation.

Digital Innovation Quotient