Results for the Survey: Solutions to Supply Chain Disruptions in the EU

Submitted by ECCP Team on 09 December 2022

Could supplier diversification and increasing production capacities be the answer to the EU’s supply chain disruptions?  

A report has been released by the ECCP outlining the results of a 5-month survey on the impact of recent supply chain disruptions and possible solutions to prevent or mitigate their effects. Described as The paper of the year, it highlights the type of disruptions, the associated risks and gives both short and long-term solutions. 

The main objective of the report was to provide solutions and projects for building supply chain resilience disruptions by compiling suggestions for the future and illustrating what is currently being done. 

An overview of the impacts reveals that the mobility, transport and automotive industries showcased were affected the most, with the biggest input and market losses.  

However, the majority of organisations in the EU have felt some negative effects, these tend to manifest as delivery delays and increased prices for supplies and services. The most common disruptions were found to be in inbound logistics, procurement and operations, these were experienced by most survey participants. 

In the face of supply chain disruptions, the report gives several strategies and approaches to lessen the impact of external shocks, improving supply chain resilience. It concludes that in the near term, supplier base diversification and the building of redundancies are the key solutions. In the longer-term, implementing new technologies, increasing production capacities and supporting the transformation of EU industrial systems to regional supply chains are priority measures.  

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