Research and Innovation to fight COVID-19

Submitted by Tedora Aibu on 20 May 2020

The European Commission has been at the forefront of supporting research and innovation and coordinating European and global research efforts. In addition to a number of past and ongoing research actions related to COVID-19, the European Commission has launched several special actions in 2020. These actions address epidemiology, preparedness, and response to outbreaks, the development of diagnostics, treatments, and vaccines, as well as the infrastructures and resources that enable this research.

During an informal videoconference held on 7 April 2020, ministers responsible for research and innovation supported the first 10 priority actions of the ERAvsCorona action plan, which resulted from dialogues between the European Commission services and the national ministries. The plan covers the first short-term coordinated actions only. It sets out key measures the European Commission services and the Member States are activating now to coordinate, share and jointly increase support for research & innovation, in line with the objectives and tools of the European Research Area. Coordination is considered as an important prerequisite for stepping up global cooperation, essential to tackle Corona related issues.

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