The question: „To go or not to go (international)?“. The answer: LASER-GO!

Submitted by Lucia Seel on 30 May 2018

Linas Eriksonas, coordinator of the ESCP-4i partnerships LASER-GO and LASER-GO GLOBAL is not afraid to do pioneer work, striving to build up strong, sustainable trust-based relationships „for life“ with partners in strategic markets outside Europe. The goal for the collaborating 6 European clusters in the high-tech sector of photonics for health is to create win-wins on long term choosing an open economic diplomacy approach.

Watch Linas share LASER-GO’s philosophy, activities and „how-tos“ and stay tuned to find out how the partnership continues the implementation journey of a joint strategy in its second strand (LASER-GO GLOBAL):

If you prefer a powerpoint presentation to a creative video – the first of its kind among the ESCP-4i partnerships – you can also access here the presentation Linas made during the „Clusters Go International“ partnering event in Brussels.

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