PITCCH call for SMEs and start-ups now open

Submitted by Imogen Allan on 03 February 2021

The Pan-European Open Innovation Network for Corporate Challenges in Advanced Technologies (PITCCH) aims to promote an open innovation network where technology centres and other innovation agents act as intermediaries to facilitate structured collaboration between big corporations (as technology seekers) and SMEs/start-ups (as technology providers).

SMEs and start-ups are invited to reply to PITCCH challenges by proposing solutions based on advanced technologies.

The challenges include:

  1. APTIV, eye see glasses: increase response quality and customer satisfaction
  2. EFACEC, smart digital transformer management solution: digital technologies, micro and nano electronics
  3. P&G, plastic-free recyclable packaging liquid: advanced materials/nanotechnology
  4. REPSOL: develop a new family of more efficient bio-additives alternatives to bio-ethers
  5. SAINT-GOBAIN: develop a similar textured tile grout that has the mechanical and fungi resistance of a ceramic tile
  6. SIEMENS ENERGY: climate-friendly process steam supply
  7. SPIE: integration, analysis and visualisation of data

A preview of the first seven challenges is available on the PITCCH website here.

To gain access to the full challenge descriptions and to respond to a challenge, SMEs and start-ups can register on the PITCCH Open Innovation Platform.

The deadline for submitting the first stage of the call for proposals is 1 March.

In order to apply, SMEs and start-ups should be a single company (not a consortium) and comply with the EU definition of a SME. More information on the rules and conditions can be found here.

Results of the first stage will be released on 15 March.

Selected SMEs and start-ups will be invited to participate in the second stage of the application which consists of submitting the full proposal. A 'PITCCH day’ will then be organised by the big corporation to select the winning SME or start-up to start the open innovation collaboration.

The collaborative project will have a duration of six months.

The selected SMEs and start-ups for each challenge will receive €25,000 for the implementation of innovation activities related to the collaborative project and up to 40 hours of free consultancy services from the PITCCH consortium.

Find out more about applying here.

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