The Packaging Cluster promotes two circular economy projects

Submitted by Alina Danieles… on 14 January 2017

The Packaging Cluster promotes two circular economy projects.

A new food packaging will be developed for the meat sector and the industrial symbiosis with the textile sector will be studied.

As part of the fund line for projects to promote the circular economy of the Agencia de Residuos de Catalunya, the Packaging Cluster has been beneficiary of two projects to promote the transition to a circular economy in Catalonia, which will be carried out with other industrial sectors pioneers of the territory.

The first project will be carried out with the cluster of the pig meat sector Innovacc and the companies Enplater and Noel, members of the clusters. A prototype of a new food packaging will be developed, namely, a single-material container that facilitates the recicilability of meat products. The project will also have the participation of the consultant Lavola.

On the other hand, the second project, PACTEX, will be carried out jointly with the technical textile entity AEI Tèxtil, and will allow the study of the synergies between the two industries for the exchange of raw materials and resources, with the aim of maximizing the reuse of industrial waste. The project will be attended by the Technological Center Leitat, which has specialized units in this area.

The participation of cluster entities in the framework of these projects is fundamental for the promotion of the new industrial economy. On the one hand, it facilitates the participation of members of the entire value chain, providing an integral vision of the whole process and enabling at the same time the realization of tractor projects. And from the other, it will allow dissemination of results in the sector, to involve new companies and agents of the benefits that make the projects possible.

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