Opportunities in India for innovative agritech, food processing and sustainability businesses

Submitted by Lee Gibson on 30 September 2020

The Central Highlands Restoration Project (CHiRP) in India is seeking to attract innovative businesses technologies to enhance the productivity and livelihoods of the local stakeholders, resulting in socio-economic development and ecosystem restoration.

An Innovation Call has been launched to identify a competitive pool of global organisations that offer disruptive solutions focused on improving the yields and adding value to the Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs), local agriculture, food processing and market linkages and supply chain traceability of local produce.

The Total estimated trade value of NTFPs in India's Chhattisgarh State, where the project is centred, is close to $275 million. Other key areas for technology interventions in this region include access to distributed energy, environmental technologies in remote areas (for clean cooking, water, sanitation, waste management) and communication and telecom technologies (cell tower signal boosters) to improve connectivity.

Selected technology companies/applicants will be provided with support on the ground by a technology working group consisting of team members from project partners Commonland, The Nature Conservancy (TNC), Samerth Charitable Trust and Global Business Inroads (GBI) to facilitate localisation, development of sustainable business models with the local ecosystem.

The Working Group will be selecting the most suitable technological solutions to implement, deploy and scale the solutions in the project area which can be further replicated across Chhattisgarh and the neighbouring states.

Application process

  1. Please register on Global Technology Interface and sign up as a 'Technology Displayer'
  2. Once registered please follow instructions to apply for the call on the Innovation Call page
  3. Applicants will need to fill in a questionnaire to provide details about their company and their technology or service

The deadline for submissions is 21 March 2021.

About the project

CHiRP is being, which is being supported by the IKEA Foundation is being piloted in Kabirdham District of Chhattisgarh State to restore the landscape in the region and help local stakeholders to elevate the agroforestry sector and to improve their local economy. The project is holistically focusing on addressing complex challenges faced by the community and nature - to reduce threats to natural systems and livelihoods.

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