Online hub for Mediterranean blue economy stakeholders gets a revamp

Submitted by Lee Gibson on 09 December 2020

An online hub for those involved and interested in maritime and marine affairs in the Mediterranean has been re-desinged to increase user-friendleness and improve functionality.

The Mediterranean Blue Economy Stakeholder Platform (MedBESP) was set up as a networking mechanism and information sharing tool for blue economy stakeholders active in the region.

Funded by the European Union and managed by the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) since April 2017, the MedBESP is a one-stop shop/online web portal allowing for the consolidation and sharing of general, technical and sectoral information related to marine and maritime affairs in the Mediterranean. It compiles the most relevant maritime and marine projects, programmes, initiatives and knowledge resources across the Mediterranean and beyond.

Now the re-designed allows to more easily identify projects, initiatives and stakeholders relevant to blue economy and related maritime topics in the Mediterranean.

One of MedBESP's main objectives is to gather the Mediterranean blue economy community together and ensure that registered users can submit information on their projects and initiatives in order to improve, coordinate, disseminate and widen the impact of their activities, extend their networks and open up opportunities for new partnerships.

Joining the Blue Economy Community of the MedBESP as an initiative (programmes, projects and initiatives) or a stakeholder (organisations and individual experts/consultants) will enable you to exchange knowledge and views, know who does what, extend your network, contact partners, build operational partnerships and widen the impact of your action on blue economy.

For further information, please contact blueconomy [at]

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